Buying copies of my photographs

Please note: this page was revised in July 2017. Please read it if you have not bought from me before or have not bought anything since then.

hile I am happy to provide good quality copies of almost any photographs on this web site, I have had to make some hard decisions about providing prints, particularly of my photos taken at Masters Athletics events.

The cost of inkjet printer ink has risen to a level that is, in my view, a complete commercial disgrace. Ounce for ounce, printer ink is now more expensive than top perfumes or expensive whiskies. It is, frankly and unfortunately, no longer economic for me to continue to provide colour prints at what I think most of my customers would regard as a reasonable price. There never has been any real profit element built into the cost of my prints, but if I were to continue to offer a print service as before, my prices would need to rise very significantly in spite of this - just to be able to avoid making a loss on the cost of the inks for my printer.

However, it is also clear that a number of High Street photo printing outlets (Super Snaps, Snappy Snaps, Boots, etc) are managing to absorb the rising cost of inks in a way that a privateer like me can never do. Thus, they are continuing to provide prints from their stores and outlets at prices that represent admirable value for money, as matters stand. I cannot compete with those prices.

I have therefore completely revised the basis for my photo sales, to give you what I think are currently the best options. Before you send me an order, please read everything below
and my standard terms and conditions:

Masters Athletics photographs

Pictures from my galleries are now available either:

  • As a .jpg file at a resolution suitable for use on a website, Facebook page and so on, at £4 (€6 or $6 US) each. You may be able to arrange a small print from a file like this; or
  • As a larger .jpg file at a higher resolution, suitable for you to use to obtain a quality colour print as well as web site use, at £8.00 (€9 or $12 US) each;
  • I may still be prepared to quote you a price for colour prints at 5" x 7" (17.7cm x 12.7cm), or at approximately A4 (21cm x 29.7cm) if you are unable to arrange local printing. Please ask me.

When you order, it is important that you give me the following information for each photograph, otherwise I have to spend ages looking for the picture I think you want:

  • The file name. You can get this by double clicking on the gallery picture. You will then see a larger version, with the file name displayed towards the bottom of the page. (e.g. “MMP23456”); and
  • The name of gallery the photograph comes from, including the date of the event; and
  • Your name, and e-mail address. If you ask for a quote for prints, I will also need your actual postal address so that I can take postage costs into account.

Please note:
On request,
and entirely at my discretion, I will supply e-mailed copies of Masters Athletics pictures free of charge to recognised Masters Athletics web sites or official publications promoting Masters Athletics. They must be used with a clear credit to me as photographer, and to this web site. Such requests are subject to a limit of four photos per event ("event" as in date/venue, not individual race etc). Photographs supplied in this way must not be passed on to other people or organisations without my prior agreement. If I find that my goodwill in doing this is being abused, I will invoice you for the photographs I supplied to you. My standard terms and conditions are here.

Other photographs

For copies of all other photographs (morris dancing, motor sport, the Dolomites etc) please e-mail me for a quotation. I am also more than happy to sell any of the photos from this gallery of artwork based on my photos and can arrange really top quality printing on block canvas by Gilbert & Clarke of Mill Street, Maidstone, who are simply amongst the best around for that sort of work, in my opinion. I use them for the stuff on my walls at home, and for exhibitions.


I need you to send me an e-mailed order first, and I will quote you a total price. Once you have the price, you can pay me:

  • By PayPal; or
  • By a cheque drawn on a UK bank account.

Sorry, I cannot take payments by credit card or in non UK currency.

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