Masters Athletics 2008

BMAF Indoor Championships, Pickett’s Lock,
23 and 24 February 2008

The second year at Pickett’s Lock. The galleries below are mainly track action from throughout the weekend. My customary apologies to field eventers, and to my fellow sprinters. I just can’t be everywhere, and no, in response to many requests, I am not going to run with my camera! A “head-cam”, indeed!

Pictures from Saturday 23 February
Pictures from Sunday 24 February


WMA World Masters Indoor Athletics Championships,
Clermont Ferrand, France, 17 to 22 March 2008

Wow! A memorable week, for all the right reasons, and some of the wrong ones too. Big Championships are hard work when you’re racing and taking photographs, but I’d not have missed these.

I gained a place in my first World individual final, won an individual final, and helped win a gold medal.

Click here for my Clermont Ferrand galleries


BMAF 10,000 metres Championships and Pentathlons,
Oxford, 25 May 2008

Quality domestic competition on a day of really challenging weather! Well done to all!

Pictures from the 10,000 metres races
Pictures from the 10,000 track walk
Pictures from the Pentathlon competitions


Southern Counties Veterans AC Championships 2008
Julie Rose Stadium, Ashford, Kent Sunday 1 June 2008

Sadly, a damp and dreary day. Sorry to the sprinters. I was too busy racing you to take your pictures! A good day for me, amongst the medals again.

Pictures from the day


Interland 2008, GB Masters v France v Belgium
Julie Rose Stadium, Ashford, Saturday 21 June 2008

Great competition on a windy day. Many of the best Masters Athletes in Europe taking part. And hey, I even have photos of throwers, jumpers and walkers! For the record, GB Masters won both the men’s and women’s competitions. Well done to all.

Pictures from the day


British Masters Athletics Federation National Championships,
Alexander Stadium, Birmingham  5 and 6 July 2008

A weekend of high winds, frustrated sprinters, several world age group records in other events, and some heavy rain. Usual apologies to athletes whose events were on at the same time as mine for my inability to be in two places at once!

Men’s events, Saturday
Women’s events, Saturday
Men’s events, Sunday
Women’s events, Sunday


The 16th European Veterans Athletics Championships,
Ljubljana, Slovenia, 23 July to 3 August 2008

Two finals and a personal best. Still not enough to get me a relay team slot! I was in Slovenia both as an athlete and as a photographer for the Great Britain Masters Team. However, I have lots of photos of athletes from all over Europe.

Click here for my Ljubljana galleries


The 1st European Masters Games,
Malmo, Sweden, 30 August to 6 September 2008

A great event. I came back with a very large collection of photos from the track and field competitions at EMG 2008, and two gold medals.

Click here to see my Malmo galleries


The British Masters Decathlon and Heptathlon Championships,
Oxford, Saturday 13 and Sunday 14 September 2008

A very fine weekend’s sport, held in unusually good weather by this summer’s standards, and exceptionally well organized.

Click here for action from Day 1
Click here for action from Day 2


Southern Counties Veterans Indoor Pentathlon Competition
Sutton Arena, Sunday 26 October 2008

Given the weather outside at the time, a good thing this was an indoor event!

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