Links to other web sites

Blackheath & Bromley Harriers AC This is the home page for the Club I have belonged to for nearly 50 years now. The best!

Power of 10 The UK rankings site. Captures and sifts a huge amount of information!

Jalbum This fantastic software creates the photo galleries I use.

BMAF The British Masters Athletics Federation. The site has been through a much-needed sort out recently, and needs more.

Southern Counties Veterans My official “Masters” Club, though they still can’t bring themselves to use that word at present. Some of my photos there, too. Badly in need of a proper owner and a lot of updating.

The Great Dolomite Road This is my other web site. It is basically a photographic project about an important and historic alpine road, and has been, for me, a long-term labour of love.

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